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SomaFlex Review

“SomaFlex is the solution for your joint issues,” promises the official website. There are many joint supplements on the market, so I was curious to see what makes SomaFlex stand out. Does it have new and better ingredients? Actually, most SomaFlex ingredients are typical, but there are 2 I’ve never seen before.

Do these novel ingredients place SomaFlex among the best joint supplements? Let me share my research and you decide if SomaFlex is worth buying.

What Are the SomaFlex Ingredients?

The official website shows there are 7 active ingredients, but only describes the 2 new ingredients. Fortunately, I was able to find information about all the ingredients:

Glucosamine. Researchers don’t universally agree glucosamine reduces joint pain. However, one study showed glucosamine lessens joint pain more than Ibuprofen.[1]

Chondroitin. The cartilage which cushions joints naturally contains chondroitin. Several studies have sought to prove chondroitin supplements improve joint health, but results have been mixed.

Hyaluronic Acid. Your body uses hyaluronic acid as a joint cushion and lubricant. In one study, people who took hyaluronic acid supplements had significantly less joint pain.[2]

Univestin. Study participants took 250 or 500 mg of Univestin for 90 days. Those taking 500 mg had less joint pain after 30 days. Both groups had less stiffness after 60 days. Researchers concluded Univestin improves joint comfort and function, and lessens pain and stiffness.[3]

Pycnogenol. Study participants took 150 mg of Pycnogenol daily. After 90 days, they had 43% less joint pain, 35% less stiffness, and 52% better function.[4]

White Willow Bark. Two large studies tested white willow bark’s ability to relieve joint pain. One study showed it had no effect on joint health or inflammation.[5] The other study showed it provides moderate joint pain relief.[6]

Turmeric Root Extract. Turmeric is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. But one animal study found it only has mild effects on inflammation.[7]

What Dosages Does SomaFlex Contain?

The official website does not show SomaFlex’s dosages. Luckily, I found the product label through a Google image search. Each serving is 2 tablets and the company suggests taking 1 serving daily. Here are the amounts in each serving.

• Glucosamine – 1,500 mg
• Chondroitin – 225 mg
• Hyaluronic acid – 10 mg
• Univestin – 250 mg
• CPC Anti-Inflammatory Complex – 300 mg
• Turmeric – 300 mg

The CPC Anti-Inflammatory Complex contains grape seed, Pycnogenol, boswellia resin extract, white willow bark, ginger root extract, and alpha lipoic acid. Since the complex hides individual dosages, I can’t confirm SomaFlex contains 150 mg of Pycnogenol. But it does contain the proven Univestin dosage.

Customer Reviews

SomaFlex customer reviews are few and far between. I found 3 on Amazon.com and 3 on SomaFlexReviews.com.

Here’s what the Amazon.com reviews said:

• “I have tried this product several times now and love it.” – Sportsenthusiast21 (5/5)
• “I ordered 2 bottles of SomaFlex…I received one bottle & my credit card was charged $61+. I have called customer service three times and e-mailed twice. To date, I have heard nothing.” – Fran (2/5 stars)
• “I bought this product for my wife. This product seems to be helping her jiont pain., helping her sleep all night.” – Daniel Radziejewski (5/5 stars)

All 3 reviews on SomaFlexReviews.com are very positive. However, I’m not sure how legitimate they are because I found the same 3 reviews on another site. They may be real, but I cannot confirm it.

Is SomaFlex Safe?

SomaFlex is 100% natural and the ingredients are safe, but not everyone should take it. If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes, talk to your doctor before taking SomaFlex.

The label says consumers should not take more than 4 tablets daily. But it doesn’t say why. Perhaps, taking more than 4 tablets causes side effects.

Because most glucosamine is derived from shellfish, people with shellfish allergies cannot take glucosamine joint supplements. However, one Amazon.com reviewer said SomaFlex contains vegetarian glucosamine. I wanted to see if this was true so I emailed customer service. The next morning I got a response:

“It’s true the glucosamine used in SomaFlex is Regenasure brand and is vegetarian. Nearly all of the other glucosamine products on the market use a shellfish source glucosamine.

The product isn’t fully vegetarian though, the chondroitin is bovine based, but the product is completely shellfish free.”

Best Places to Buy SomaFlex

SomaFlex is not sold on the official website. Instead, you can request a free 10-day sample. Many companies use free samples to lure consumers into an auto-ship program. First, they ask for contact information. After submitting this, consumers must provide a credit card number as well.

Soma-Flex.com asks for contact information, but I wanted to see if they request a credit card number, too. So, I entered my information and clicked “Claim a Sample Now.” Instead of loading the next page, my browser displayed this message, “This Connection is Untrusted. The site’s security certificate has expired!”

If you’d rather skip the free sample and buy SomaFlex, these sites sell it:

• Amazon.com: $39.99
• eBay.com: $39.95


SomaFlex is a good joint supplement. I like the inclusion of Univestin, Pycnogenol, and hyaluronic acid because research shows they improve joint health. The other ingredients may not be highly effective, but they are safe and natural. My research shows the included dosages in each serving are safe.

I’m not very impressed with the official website. It looks professional, but provides limited product information. I had to find a complete ingredient list, research, and dosages on other sites. The official website doesn’t sell SomaFlex. But even if it did, I wouldn’t recommend buying from the site because it’s not secure.

Overall, I think SomaFlex is a good joint supplement, but not the best. For around $40, you could purchase a top-rated joint supplement. So, I suggest you keep looking; instead of settling on SomaFlex.


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[7] Kumar, K, and AK Rai. “Proniosomal formulation of curcumin having anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activity in different experimental animal models.” Die Pharmazie. 67.10 (2012): 852-7.

SomaFlex User Reviews

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  1. Comment

    I’m curious to what “top rated” joint supplement you are referring to? I’m very interested in trying the somaflex, due the the addition of the Hyaluronic acid & Tumeric, which I take additionally to a glucomine product. I also thought I read some where it contained Niacin? Thanks for the article.

    April 4, 2013 at 7:57 am
    • Comment

      Sandy, the top rated supplements on this site are listed here: https://www.bestjointsupplements.net/best-joint-supplements/. Somnaflex may contain niacin, but if it does, it’s not listed on the official website’s list of ingredients. If you have access to an actual ingredient label that’d be incredibly helpful to other readers.

      October 31, 2013 at 11:45 am

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