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Nutramax Labs Cosamin DS Review

As I get older, cartilage breakdown within my joints begins decreasing my physical activity due to pain. Cosamin DS may be able to prevent the breakdown while keeping me in the game longer.

While laboratory tests and cell-based studies have shown promising results for this product, it has yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for validity. However, this doesn’t mean the product may not work for my needs.

The Key Ingredients of Cosamin DS

The main two components of Cosamin DS are glucosamine and chondroitin. Although these are the 2 active ingredients providing the most beneficial effect for the product, there are additions as well.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride (1.5g)

Traditionally, glucosamine hydrochloride is used to treat osteoarthritis, knee pain and glaucoma. While continued research is required to determine if this compound actually improves cartilage formation, glucosamine is needed to repair and develop a “cushion” within the joints.

Various researchers believe glucosamine hydrochloride may not work as well as glucosamine sulfate as they are convinced “sulfate” is the key compound. [2]

Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate (1.2g)

Chondroitin sulfate has been used to treat a wide variety of ailments. There is strong scientific support to suggest that this compound may effectively treat osteoarthritis.

There is a lack of evidence to support the claim regarding chondroitin sulfate as a long-term solution for joint complications. However, short-term analysis has provided promising reports in comparison to placebos. [3]

Sodium (105mg)

While sodium is used to control blood pressure and volume, too much may cause high blood pressure, putting additional strain on the heart.

Since it is recommended for healthy adults to consume no more than 2300mg of sodium per day, the amount within Cosamin DS does not pose an immediate threat.

If you suffer from congestive heart failure, cirrhosis or kidney disease, you may want to consult your physician to ensure this product is right for you. [4]

Vitamin C from Manganese Ascorbate (6mg)

The Vitamin C acquired through the use of manganese ascorbate is approximately 10% of your daily value. Manganese ascorbate is commonly used in cartilage therapy in conjunction with glucosamine hydrochloride and sodium chondroitin sulfate.

While early test results conclude the mixture is safe to consume during short-term trials to treat osteoarthritis, additional detailed studies are required to determine long-term side effects and symptom relief. [5]

Manganese from Manganese Ascorbate (3mg)

Although manganese is used to treat osteoporosis, it may produce serious side effects if taken in large doses. It is suggested adults consume no more than 11mg per day of manganese.

Since it takes all three capsules to consider a daily dose of Cosamin DS, you may not have to worry about surpassing the Tolerable Upper Limit for this compound. [6]

Cosamin DS Recommended Usage on a Daily Basis

Using Cosamin DS on a regular basis is prescribed in a straight-forward method by Nutramax. You may take three capsules per day until you begin to experience pain relief. After which, you are instructed to reduce the dosage to maintain a comfortable relief level within your joints.

These pills may be taken all at the same time in a single sitting each day or spread out in any method you choose. I’m not aware if there is a difference between taking three pills at once or consuming one with each meal.

Dosage and Instructions

According to Nutramax Labs, the developer for Cosamin DS, it only takes consuming 3 capsules per day until an ideal comfort level is reached.

Afterwards, users are instructed to reduce this number gradually to maintain a specific comfort level. These are taken with each meal or all at once.

I’m not aware if taking all three pills simultaneously causes indigestion, but there don’t seem to be complaints in the reviews regarding such complications.

While Cosamin DS has the potential for improving the strength in your joints, it not advised to use it as a supplement to medications prescribed by your doctor.

As there are no regulations regarding the manufacturing standards for many herbal compounds, purchasing this product from a reliable source may minimize the risk of contamination through toxic metals such as lead or other drugs. [1]

What Are Users of Cosamin DS Saying About the Product?

Generally speaking, users of Cosamin DS rate the product relatively high. The vast majority of those using the supplement have done so to relieve pain.

When I browsed the negative feedback on various sites, it seems nearly half of those whom rated the product poorly did so without trying Cosamin DS.

What Consists the Clinical Research for Cosamin DS?

The active ingredients within Cosmin have been scientifically tested by various research groups. However, there is no long-term citation in regards to the product having a real impact on joint therapy.

There is evidence supporting short-term relief from osteoarthritis while using glucosamine hydrochloride, sodium chondroitin sulfate and manganese in unison.

Where is a Good Place to Buy Cosamin DS?

Amazon.com has decent prices for this product at just over $60 for a bottle containing 210 capsules. If you use the recommended dosage, this is approximately a 1-month supply. At this price, you need to ask yourself if the amount of pain you suffer from your joints is worth $2 per day to live comfortably.

When more research becomes available for long-term use, I will update this review with information regarding the long-lasting effects of Cosmin DS.


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