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Nutrakey Innoflex Review

When it comes to physical activity, age may be your worst enemy. Innoflex from Nutrakey is designed to improve your lifestyle by supporting joint functionality regardless of your age.

This complex drink mix may assist in strengthening the tissue around your joints to give you a comfortable and productive workout whether you enjoy swimming, running, hiking or biking.

As the product utilizes common elements to promote cartilage formation and maintenance, Innoflex may be a viable solution to improve your daily routine for physical activity.

Innoflex utilizes compounds many researchers believe to be the key to joint cartilage recovery. It also includes components which are known to affect elemental bonding to cartilage and joint tissues.

As an added bonus, the drink complex provides a considerable amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals outside the scope for developing stronger joints.

After reading the supplemental facts provided by the product, I was interested in what benefits Innoflex may provide for consumers.

The Key Ingredients of Innoflex

Innoflex has a wide range of components within the drink mix that may provide a solid basis for tissue regeneration and maintenance. As with many other supplements, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Collagen — 5000 milligrams

Although collagen is often utilized to reduce wrinkles and aging skin, it’s a common element within mammals for cellular regeneration. As we age, the production of collagen slows down, decreasing the tissue efficiency within our joints. [1]

This component is the most abundant element within Innoflex, which could indicate Nutrakey’s belief in replenishing collagen levels to assist in the cellular regeneration for joint tissue.

Methylsulfonylmethane — 2000 milligrams

Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, is a material used to treat chronic pain from joint complications. This includes joint inflammations, osteoarthritis, tendonitis and many other afflictions. [2]

Currently, there is no recommended dietary allowance for this component. Further scientific research is required regarding the benefits and drawbacks regarding MSM use.

Glucosamine Sulfate — 1500 milligrams

While there is evidence to support using glucosamine sulfate to treat osteoarthritis and other joint-related complications, it has yet to be corroborated by scientific research over longer time periods. Many believe it is the sulfate in combination with glucosamine which makes the compound beneficial. [3]

Chondroitin Sulfate — 1200 milligrams

During scientific trials, chondroitin sulfate has been found to assist in reducing pain within joints caused by osteoarthritis. [4]

While short-term trials have providing promising results, there is not enough scientific research to support the compound’s long-term efficiency for joint ailments.

L-Proline — 1000 milligrams

As collagen is an important aspect for cellular regeneration, L-Proline is critical to this material’s synthesis. [5]

It is believed by some that using this nonessential amino acid may assist your natural ability to create collagen, improving joint functionality and reducing pain.

L-Lysine — 375 milligrams

This component is another building block for increasing collagen levels. [6]

As L-lysine is not developed naturally within our bodies, humans need to obtain it elsewhere by eating certain foods. It is believed L-lysine may be used to promote cellular regeneration through developing collagen.

Calcium — 150 milligrams

Calcium is an important aspect for human development. While the mineral is more popular for its role in building stronger bone density, it also has the capacity to improve overall health by increasing the efficiency of blood vessels and the nervous system. [7]

Innoflex provides 15% of your daily value for this component.

Vitamin C from Ascorbic Acid — 100 milligrams

Although many respect vitamin C as a method to prevent illnesses, this component is also used to combat osteoporosis and arthritis. It’s also used in collagen disorders, possibly improving conditions for joint therapy. [8]

Magnesium — 50 milligrams

Magnesium increases your ability to transport calcium ions across cell membranes. [9]

This essentially improves the overall functionality regarding many compounds used within your body for regeneration and organ functionality maintenance.

Hyaluronic Acid — 25 milligrams

Hyaluronic acid is used in scientific research regarding orthopedics and eye surgery. Its ability to turn water into a viscous material lubricates your joints to prevent grinding. [10]

This material is naturally produced within humans, but it’s believed that increasing this element assists in joint pain relief and recovery.

Using Innoflex on a Daily Basis

Directions for using Innoflex dictate that you mix 1 scoop of the powder to 8 to 10 ounces of water or another beverage. It’s to be taken before or between meals for maximum effect as you don’t want the contents within your stomach to absorb the active ingredients. Nutrakey advises consumers to not exceed 2 scoops of Innoflex within a daily routine.

Those allergic to shellfish, peanuts or sesame are advised not to use this drink mix.

How Does Innoflex Rate Among Users?

Although there are few reviews for this product, those who used Innoflex have generally rated it high for pain relief and convenience. The only negative review I found was in regards to the seller shipping an open container of the wrong item.

Can This Product Improve My Situation?

Due to the chemical composition of Innoflex, there is a high possibility that the drink mix may improve your joint functionality.

Although there isn’t long-term scientific evidence to support effectiveness regarding the active ingredients, based on the responses from those actually using the product, Innoflex may be a good alternative to alleviate joint pain while promoting cellular regeneration within joints.

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