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Lurosil Review

Skiers know a thing or two about sore knees. But how much do they know about joint supplements? Lurosil was developed by a skier, “who was tired of sore knees,” says the official website. So, how well did this skier do on Lurosil?

Let me share my research so you can decide if Lurosil is worth buying.

Original and Advanced

There are actually two Lurosil products: the original formula and the advanced formula. Lurosil Advanced has all the same ingredients as Original, plus three more.

The official website has descriptions for each ingredient. Studies are frequently mentioned in these descriptions. However, the company does not provide any references to back up their claims. So, I had to find studies on my own:

Glucosamine – lessens inflammation and pain as well as ibuprofen.[1]

Turmeric – proven to reduce inflammation in animals. It may work for humans too, but there aren’t any supporting studies yet.[2]

MSM – treats arthritis symptoms and boosts joint health.[3]

Aloe Vera – relieves joint pain by healing tissues and reducing inflammation.

Boswellia – has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Devils’ Claw Root – lowers pain and inflammation levels.[4]

Yucca root – believed to relieve arthritis symptoms. Supposedly, there is research, but I couldn’t find it.

Hyaluronic acid – lessens pain caused by arthritis.[5]

Bromelain – may reduce joint pain and inflammation. One study shows Bromelain is not effective. However, due to study limitations, the researchers say further research is needed.[6]

These are the three extra ingredients found in Lurosil Advanced:

Phosphorous – creates cell membranes, increases energy, and delivers oxygen. About half your bone mass is made of phosphorous.

Chondroitin sulfate – reduces wear-and-tear on joints and relieves arthritis pain.[7]

Omega-3 essential fatty acids – have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Are Proven Dosages Used?

Most Lurosil ingredients are back by clinical research. During studies, researchers identify an ideal dosage, which is safe and effective. This is the proven dosage. If Lurosil’s ingredients are going to be as effective as they were in studies, Original and Advanced must contain proven dosages.

Unfortunately, I can’t see all the dosages used in Lurosil Original and Advanced.

Lurosil Original contains 500 mg of glucosamine and 200 mg of the remaining 8 ingredients. Lurosil Advanced has all its ingredients in a 1,520 mg proprietary blend.

The proven glucosamine dosage is 500 mg, three times a day.[1] The recommended Lurosil Original dosage is two tablets daily, which provides 1,000 mg of glucosamine. You would need to take 3 tablets daily to get the proven dosage. I don’t recommend taking 3 tablets though, because I don’t know if the undisclosed ingredient dosages are safe.

I’m skeptical as to whether or not Lurosil Original and Advanced contain proven dosages. I could guess and speculate, but I really don’t know. This concerns me because I don’t think consumers should be in the dark; especially when it comes to buying supplements. You should know exactly what you’re putting into your body because it impacts your health.

Safety and Side Effects

Most Lurosil ingredients are considered safe by WebMD.com. But researchers have not yet confirmed hyaluronic acid is safe to take orally.

Despite being safe, these ingredients may cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, and digestive problems. Usually, these side effects go away once the body has adjusted to the ingredients.

If you are allergic to shellfish, don’t take Lurosil. Glucosamine is made from chitin, which is found in shellfish.

Success Stories

I wanted to know what users think of Lurosil. But the only reviews I could find were 4 success stories on Lurosil.com.

Brian Martin is a 38-year-old soccer player. Karen Cunningham is a 65-year-old marathoner. Alonzo Crittenden is a 55-year-old triathlete. Roxanne Zobava is a 30+ ultra-marathoner. Supposedly, all these athletes use Lurosil and it helps them continue their active lifestyles.

It’s not unusual for companies to post fake testimonials on their sites. However, a little research showed that these people and their stories are real. I just wish I could read dozens more reviews. Four opinions aren’t enough to get an idea of how well Lurosil works.

Suggested Usage

The company suggests taking 2 Lurosil Original tablets daily with a small meal.

Take 2 Lurosil Advanced tablets twice a day with small meals.

Each time you take Lurosil, wash it down with a large glass of water. This speeds and enhances nutrient digestion.

The Price

You have a few options for buying Lurosil from the official website:

Lurosil Original
• Monthly subscription: $46.75
• 1 month supply: $67.80
• 4 month supply: $206.11

Lurosil Advanced
• Monthly subscription: $57.50
• 1 month supply: $82.35
• 4 month supply: $250.34

The official website doesn’t provide any details about the monthly subscription program, so I contacted customer service. Here’s what they told me: You can cancel the program at any time without penalties or fees. To cancel, call (877-677-3937) or email (service@pachealth.com). People who use the subscription program don’t pay for shipping and handling.

Lurosil.com does not have a return policy.

Lurosil Original is also sold on Amazon.com for $69.50. This price may not last.

Is Lurosil a Good Joint Supplement?

I’m impressed with the skier who created Lurosil Original and Advanced. These products have more clinically proven ingredients than most joints supplements. The downside is I can’t see if Lurosil contains safe, effective dosages. And I can only find 4 customer reviews. If I could find more, they would help me determine if Lurosil is safe and effective.

Lurosil is pricey. This isn’t a problem if you’re getting your money’s worth, but since I don’t know enough about Lurosil, I think it’s overpriced.

I recommend choosing a joint supplement you feel confident about. There are many excellent joint supplements available, so you don’t have to settle on a supplement that leaves you in the dark.


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