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LubriSyn Review

One of joint pain’s root causes is decreased joint fluid. Without this fluid, you can’t expect to keep mobile and healthy. The decreased cushioning also leads to intense pain.

This joint decay doesn’t just affect you. It also affects animals, from your household pet to your prize-winning horse.

To correct these problems for everyone, including the animal kingdom, there’s LubriSyn. Or at least that’s what makers would have you believe.

According to advertisements, LubriSyn is able to replace joint fluid and get you moving again with just 1 active ingredient. I was curious about a supplement that uses the same formula for animals as well as humans, so I took a closer look.

Who Is LubriSyn For?

LubriSyn can be delivered in varying doses to you, your household pet, or your horse. Each product is especially designed for its audience.

For example, LubriSyn Equine contains a high molecular weight formula to ensure synovial fluid adequately coats horse joints. This is especially important for show horses involved in racing, dressage, barrel racing, cutting, and other activities.

Meanwhile, LubriSynCA for pets is made of hyaluronan, a naturally occurring part of normal joint fluid. This already exists in your pet’s body, unlike the popular glucosamine and chondroitin combination.

LubriSynHU, the supplement for humans, also contains hyaluronan. However, the dosage here is different.

What’s in LubriSyn?

True to its advertising claims, LubriSyn uses just 1 active ingredient—hyaluronic acid, as hyaluronan.

As previously mentioned, hyaluronan is already found in your body; it’s part of the synovial fluid that cushions and lubricates your joints. It also functions as a shock absorber. By replacing lost synovial fluid, LubriSyn makers hope to reverse the aging process in your joints.

Hyaluronan has been found effective in 6 separate studies from around the world. It absorbs into the body and is distributed to organs and joints. The result is decreased pain, better physical function, and greater life quality.

In LubriSyn, hyaluronan is delivered in liquid form. This makes LubriSyn easer to take not only for you, but for your cat, dog, or horse as well. Its effects remain in the body for 24 to 48 hours.

Judging by studies, it’s obvious that hyaluronan is a quality ingredient and deserves a place in any joint supplement. However, as the only active ingredient, the hyaluronan in LubriSyn may be no more effective than a standard hyaluronic acid supplement.

Furthermore, there’s evidence to suggest that hyaluronan is even more effective when received in injections—not orally, as it is in LubriSyn.

Can LubriSyn Cause Side Effects?

Because LubriSyn contains just one active ingredient, any side effects you experience will be directly related to hyaluronic acid.

While prescription hyaluronic acid forms are safe for most people, there isn’t enough evidence to determine if hyaluronic acid in oral supplements is safe. And if there’s little to no information on human side effects, you can bet the side effects related to dogs, cats, or horses aren’t known either.

This lack of side effect evidence makes me wary to recommend oral hyaluronic acid. You should consult your doctor for further information.

How Much is LubriSyn?

For a one-ingredient formula, LubriSyn is pretty expensive at $39.99 for a 30-day supply. LubriSyn for horses and household pets costs $66.00 each.
Cheaper options online exist, but mostly apply to LubriSyn Equine only. I was unable to find an alternate price for LubriSyn HU.

Should You Try LubriSyn?

LubriSyn might not be a bad supplement, but without more evidence on oral hyaluronic acid, I’m hesitant to recommend it. Furthermore, with only one ingredient, LubriSyn is a risk; if hyaluronic acid is ineffective for you, there’s nothing to fall back on with LubriSyn.

LubriSyn User Reviews

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    Hi, yes I’ve used lubrosyn ha is worked for me within 5 days my knee pain disappeared. At that time I was buying it from horse health(it did both human +equine)+cost£26.Unfortunately it’s now £40.the price shot up in a short time. I find I now need to restart taking it. It’s so cheap in the US ,BUT I’m not able to import it due to taxes.

    Lynne Harris
    October 13, 2017 at 12:22 pm

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