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Kaprex Review

Sore, aching joints have had you on life’s sidelines for too long. You’re ready to get back in the game, and Kaprex wants to help.

Kaprex is an all-natural joint supplement from Metagenic Inc., said to ease osteoarthritis pain and promote joint mobility. Metagenics even boasts that Kaprex is completely side-effect free.

Kaprex seems appealing already, but I want to make sure this is a supplement worth taking. In this review, I’ll go over the aims of Kaprex, the supplement’s formula, potential side effects, pricing, and Metagenics’ reliability as a manufacturer.

What Does Kaprex Do?

Kaprex is primarily designed to provide joint relief and ease minor pain associated with osteoarthritis. Metagenics even says Kaprex can improve health in the following areas:

• Cardiovascular
• Gastric
• Renal
• Liver

These benefits aren’t promised, just considered “likely,” so I’ll stick to analyzing Kaprex’s ability to ease joint pain.

What’s in Kaprex?

Kaprex is a 350 mg proprietary blend of hops, rosemary, and oleanolic acid. Since you’re supposed to take 2 capsules every day, this bumps up the daily dosage to 700 mg.

Either way, I don’t like proprietary blends because it’s impossible to tell if each ingredient is included in its recommended amount. Some ingredients may even be in doses high enough to cause side effects. While some companies use proprietary blends to protect their formula, most do it to hide ineffective ingredient quantities.

Nevertheless, I’ll analyze the Kaprex formula as best I can.


Hops is commonly used a treatment for rheumatism. The plant is also used to brew beer and contains more than 22 compounds with anti-inflammatory properties, and 4 compounds with anti-spasmodic properties. This prevents the root cause of joint pain. Another 10 compounds act as natural sedatives, which can help alleviate joint pain.


Rosemary oil or rosemary extract contains antioxidants that fight the free radicals causing cellular damage and inflammation. Because of these properties, it is used extensively in alternative medicine to treat arthritis and muscle pain.

Oleanolic Acid

Oleanolic acid, derived from the olive leaf, also limits inflammation and promotes joint mobility. This acid is easy on the stomach and doesn’t cause adverse side effects like some anti-inflammatory agents do. Oleanolic acid is high in antioxidants as well.

These look like high-quality ingredients, but in a proprietary blend, I can’t be sure of their effectiveness. Outside of this proprietary blend, Kaprex contains the inactive ingredients olive oil, glycerin, yellow beeswax, and sodium copper chlorophyllin.

Will There Be Side Effects?

Again, because I don’t know the exact ingredient quantities, I can’t analyze the likelihood of side effects with Kaprex. I can tell you possible side effects attached with each ingredient, however.

Hops—Considered likely safe for most people, though it may make depression worse if you’re already suffering from the conditions. Hops can also cause sleepiness. Because this last side effect can interfere with anesthesia, you shouldn’t take hops within 2 weeks of surgery.
Rosemary—Large amounts of undiluted oil can cause vomiting, kidney irritation, increased sun sensitivity, and skin redness. However, I doubt the oil in Kaprex is undiluted.
Oleanolic Acid—No known side effects when taken orally.

The active ingredients don’t seem like they’ll give you too much trouble, apart from possibly inducing sleepiness. The inactive ingredients are probably included in doses so small they won’t affect you unless you have an allergy.

What Do Customers Think of Kaprex?

Finding Kaprex customer reviews is difficult. Kaprex currently has a 3/5-star rating on Amazon.com, based on 2 reviews. Unfortunately, one review gave Kaprex 5 stars, while the other gave it 1 star so it’s hard to know what users really think. Here’s a look at what these 2 Kaprex customers had to say.

“These are hard capsules as opposed to the soft gels, which we prefer. We will not be ordering these again!” –D. Helfer “Diesel’s mom”

“This is a product that I have been using for years. originally recommended by my Chiropractor. It is usually $50, so the price on Amazon was a great deal. I will certainly buy it again.” –David Schulberg

Assuming the first review is negative simply because the capsules are hard instead of soft, Kaprex might still be effective. However, with only one other review to judge from, this is a tough call to make.

I should also point out that Kaprex’s nutrition label describes their capsules as “softgels,” so the first review may be outdated or simply incorrect.

Who Makes Kaprex?

To get a better idea of Kaprex’s effectiveness, let’s look at the manufacturer. Often, if a manufacturer is reliable and has other top-rated products, you can trust that your prospective supplement will be a good purchase.

Kaprex is manufactured and distributed by the California-based company Metagenics Inc. According to the Better Business Bureau, Metagenics has been in business since 1983 and maintains operations in 6 countries. Metagenics has patented 43 of their formulas and have another 230 patents pending.

The Metagenics website is very informative, providing contact information for all their branches as well as details on the history of the team. Typically, companies in the supplement industry don’t provide this kind of detail.

Metagenics’ longevity is also impressive. While a lot companies go under in the first few years, Metagenics has been around for almost 30 years.
Knowing this improves my opinion of Kaprex.

How Much Does Kaprex Cost?

Kaprex doesn’t retail through the Metagenics website, which means you’ll have to do some hunting on your own. I did some research and found that most one-month supplies of Kaprex retail for around $50. Here’s a look at some of the best places to buy Kaprex.


Most of these retailers have 4.5/5- to 5/5-star ratings on Google, so you should be able to trust them. Shipping prices and operating procedures will depend on where you purchase.

There is also a 45-day supply of Kaprex retailing for around the same price on these sites, but it uses an older formula and the hard capsules. A 10-day supply is available for around $17.00 on most of the same sites.

Should You Try Kaprex?

Kaprex comes from a top-of-the-line supplement manufacturer and contains safe and effective ingredients. It’s available from a wide variety of sources and has good, if scarce, customer reviews.

However, given the proprietary blend, I would still be cautious in purchasing this product. If you’re a careful shopper, I’d recommend waiting until a few more customer reviews of Karpex become available.

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