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JointKote Review

If your quality of life has suffered because of decreased mobility, JointKote may be able to help.

JointKote is a daily supplement formulated to ease and even correct joint pain throughout the body. If it works, you could be back on the dance floor or in the garden in no time.

However, there are a lot of scams and snake oil out there, so I want to make sure JointKote is a quality product before I recommend it to you. In this review, I’ll go over the JointKote formula, pricing, and manufacturers.

Where Does JointKote Provide Relief?

Some joint products claim to deliver relief throughout the body, while some target specific areas. JointKote says it goes to work immediately and provides long-term relief in the:

• Hands
• Knees
• Elbows
• Hips
• Shoulder
• Back
• Neck

This seems like a pretty all-inclusive product, but whether or not it works depends on its formula.

What Ingredients Are in JointKote?

Unfortunately, JointKote isn’t very forthcoming about its ingredients. Although manufacturers invite potential customers to “read more” about their ingredients, they only list of a few ingredients, with no mention of ingredient quantities.

I’m assuming this means JointKote was created using a proprietary blend. A proprietary blend is a formula that lists ingredients, but not individual amounts. Instead, we get a total—usually in milligrams—for the blend itself.

Companies may use proprietary blends to protect their formula from competitors, but they often use them to mask insufficient ingredient quantities. Most ingredients are only effective in certain amounts, and some may cause side effects if the quantity is too high. Without more information, it’s impossible to tell if either of these is a possibility.

However, I’ll still go over what JointKote does choose to share about their formula.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine is an amino sugar, while chondroitin is a chain of alternating sugars. Together, they ease joint pain and actually rebuild cartilage that has disappeared from joints. They are two of the most commonly used ingredients in joint supplements.


Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, is an organic form of sulfur often used to ease arthritis pain. However, long-term effects are unknown. Only animal studies have been conducted on MSM.

Vitamin C

JointKote makers say they included Vitamin C for its antioxidant effects, but it actually eases joint pain by synthesizing collagen production. Since collagen is a component of ligaments and cartilage, it can rebuild damage from osteoarthritis.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which ease joint pain and prevent damage. It’s recommended in a 2 to 4-gram dosage, but there’s no way to know if that’s what you’re getting in JointKote.

White Willow Bark

While willow bark contains the active compound salicin. Similar to aspirin, salicin relieves joint pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

JointKote actually has some good ingredients, but as I mentioned previously, there’s no way to tell if the formula itself will be effective. To judge that, we would need exact ingredient amounts.

Who Makes JointKote?

It isn’t advertised on the official website, but JointKote is produced and sold by Pacific Naturals, a subsidiary of GSCM Ventures.

GSCM Ventures is based in Burbank, California and has every reason to try to hide their identity. The company currently holds an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and has an alert on file for unscrupulous business practices.

According to the BBB:

“Complainants allege misleading advertising, unauthorized credit card charges, receipt of unwanted merchandise, and difficulty implementing cancellation procedures. Some complainants allege that they agreed to a trial offer only, and was not aware they were enrolled in a continuity program. Customers complain after repeated attempts to cancel, shipments are stopped, but the company continues billing them monthly. In some cases complainants report dissatisfaction with having to pay shipping charges to return unauthorized product shipments, or the product caused illness. The company responds to most complaints by agreeing to refunds for returned bottles, or canceling shipments. Allegations of deceptive sales practices and false advertising are generally not addressed.”

GSCM Ventures has 136 complaints on file to this effect, some of which have not been resolved.

I’m usually firmly against any product that involves an auto-ship scam, but since JointKote is available from third-party sellers, I’ll evaluate the product on its own.

How Much Does JointKote Cost?

The JointKote website engages in the dishonest practice of requiring your information before giving you pricing information. This means GSCM Ventures will have access to your name, address, email, and telephone number before you even decide to order.

Most companies stop at asking you for this information, but JointKote goes one step further and asks you to confirm your order without ever telling you how much you’re agreeing to pay.

Knowing this—and knowing the problems customers have had with GSCM Ventures in the past—I would not recommend you order from the official website under any circumstances.

I wasn’t able to find out the price on JointKote.com, but there are plenty of third-party websites that sell JointKote. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive. Here’s a look at the prices I found for this product.


Should You Try JointKote?

JointKote uses reliable ingredients, but that’s all I can say for it. It comes from an unscrupulous company, masks ingredients quantities with a proprietary blend, and is extremely expensive.

That’s a high asking price for what would essentially be a gamble. Instead, remember these ingredients while you’re looking for a more reliable product.

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