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Joint Mud Review

“Joint Mud works in 18 minutes!” says Kim Griffen. She and 4 other Joint Mud users are featured in the product’s flattering infomercial. Besides referring to how fast Joint Mud works, these people spout phrases such as “life changing” and “tremendous results.”

After hearing these testimonials I had two questions: Does Joint Mud really work? Does Greek Island Labs guarantee their product?

Is Joint Mud Guaranteed?

“Yes, each and every purchase is backed by our full 60 day money-back guarantee,” says JointMud.com. If Joint Mud doesn’t work, return the unused portion and you’ll get a “full refund.”

If you want the full refund, follow these steps:

Call customer service (1-800-449-6615) and ask for return instructions. They must give you verbal confirmation before you can return Joint Mud. Follow the instructions exactly and make sure to return Joint Mud within 60 days. If you do this, you should get a full refund (minus shipping).

The Ingredients

Joint Mud contains 27 organic oils such as:

• Spearmint
• Thyme
• Myrrh
• Juniper Berry
• Frankincense
• Ginger
• Cherry

These oils contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, healing properties, and other beneficial nutrients. Antioxidants fight free radicals, which cause oxidative stress. Since research shows oxidative stress contributes to arthritis, Joint Mud’s ingredients may improve joint health.

Inflammation is a side effect of arthritis. Using anti-inflammatory ingredients, Joint Mud may lessen joint pain and improve functionality. If your joints or cartilage are damaged, Joint Mud may repair them and increase your endurance and range of motion.

I could not find research to support the individual claims of these ingredients.

Has Joint Mud Been Clinically Tested?

I’ve seen several companies claim their products have been tested. But I rarely see these companies share study results or references. Greek Island Labs is a rare exception.

In 2010, this company submitted Joint Mud to AMA Laboratories for testing. AMA Laboratories is a renowned, FDA-registered lab. Joint Mud was tested in two clinical studies and here’s what the researchers found:

Study #1
“When used in accordance with intended package directions, Joint Mud demonstrated statistically significant reduction of joint problems by an average of 74% within the first 18 minutes with a maximum of 89% improvement reported after a single application.”[1]

Study #2
“When used in accordance with intended package instructions in 28 days Joint Mud improved Joint Flexibility, Muscle Flexibility and Range of Motion by greater than 239%. Also, over the four week study, the number of applications needed to achieve the desired joint relief decreased from three times daily to twice a day.”[2]

JointMud.com also has attached PDF files of the complete study results. You can find them under the “Clinicals” tab.

So, Joint Mud’s ingredients may not be proven individually to improve joint health. But when they are combined, the results are impressive.

How to Use Joint Mud

Apply a small amount of Joint Mud to your affected joints. After you apply Joint Mud, wash your hands. The joint supplement should be applied 1-3 times a day and no more.

Joint Mud is supposed to last 60 days, but this really depends on how much and how often you use it. Don’t apply the product to your face or neck. If your skin reacts or feels irritated, stop using Joint Mud.

Children under age 18 should not use Joint Mud.

The company says the product absorbs quickly, has a nice texture, and doesn’t smell.

Customer Testimonials

JointMud.com has 5 video testimonials. However, the official website is a biased source, so there’s a chance these testimonials are biased or even fake. I really don’t know the truth behind these testimonials, which is why I recommend reading testimonials from unbiased sources.

Amazon.com has 3 customer testimonials. Two people gave 5 stars and the third person gave 1 star. The satisfied consumers said Joint Mud reduces pain fast and improves joint health and function. The unhappy consumer said Joint Pain was completely ineffective at reducing pain.

Joint Mud’s Facebook page has 37 “Likes,” but none of these users commented on the page or about the product. There are several pictures of celebrities holding a box of Joint Mud. But it doesn’t appear these celebrities endorse Joint Mud and I don’t know if they even use it.

The Joint Mud Twitter account has 1,206 followers. This doesn’t give me any reviews I can read, but it shows how popular Joint Mud is.

Oddly enough, the Facebook and Twitter accounts haven’t been updated since July 2011.

Buying Joint Mud

JointMud.com is a secure place to buy Joint Mud. You can also get it on Amazon.com and eVitamins.com:

• JointMud.com: $29.00
• Amazon.com: $36.00
• eVitamins.com: $36.00

If you buy two boxes for $58 from the official website, shipping is free. If you buy 3 boxes, you get two free boxes and free shipping. The cost is $87.

You can get a trial size of Joint Mud by just paying shipping, which is $3.97. I’m not sure if getting this trial size is completely risk-free. Many companies use free trials to hook consumers into auto-pay/auto-ship program.

JointMud.com doesn’t say anything about such a program, but you must provide your credit card number to get the trial size. This makes me a little nervous; especially since I can’t find the site’s Terms & Conditions. You could use a pre-paid Visa card, which is a secure way to pay.

Joint Mud Conclusion

Joint Mud does not contain clinically proven joint ingredients. However, two clinical studies show all these ingredients combined help reduce joint pain and improve joint health. For this reason, I think Joint Mud is worth trying.

Joint Mud may not be as easy to use as pills because you have to apply it topically. But it should be more effective than many joint supplements.

If you want a good joint supplement, try Joint Mud. If you want one of the best joint supplements, I recommend looking at other options before settling on Joint Mud.


[1] Tatsene, Mayya, Patrycja Bienias, and David R. Winne. “18 Minute Osteo-Arthritis Pain Relief Study.” AMA Laboratories, Inc. (2010). http://jointmud.com/clinicalstudy6.htm.

[2] Tatsene, Mayya, Patrycja Bienias, and David R. Winne. “28 Day Osteo-Arthritis Pain Relief Study.” AMA Laboratories, Inc. (2010). http://jointmud.com/clinicalstudy6.htm.

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