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Joint Juice Review

You don’t fully appreciate your joints until they start producing more pain than functional movement.

There are many supplements that claim to provide relief from stiff, painful joints, but Joint Juice comes in liquid form rather than pill form.

The company’s website claims that their products help hydrate the joints and keep them healthy so that they remain functional as you get older.

If your joints are struggling to keep up with your active lifestyle, it may be time to find a supplement that can offer you some relief.

This review will analyze the products available from this brand and the ingredients included in those products to see if their products live up to the company’s claims.

Three Ways to Juice Your Joints

Joint Juice is an interesting supplement because while many joint health supplements are delivered in pill form, this brand makes drops, shots and juices. You can take this supplement in the form of a small bottle of juice or drop it onto your tongue.

These options are often preferred by consumers who struggle to swallow pills or simply don’t enjoy taking them. The shots are just as fast to take as a pill but are easier to get down. Joint Juice drops are more convenient than pills if you need to take your supplement away from home.

The supplement comes in a small bottle that you can keep in your purse, pocket or luggage.

The Downside to Juice

If there is a downside to using a liquid supplement rather than a pill, it is the added ingredients. Manufacturers often add sugar and other ingredients to liquid supplements to improve the taste.

You are more likely to see artificial ingredients and preservatives on the label when you take a liquid supplement.

You also have to consider the caloric content of a juice, especially if you are trying to maintain a healthy body weight.

Joint Juice liquid contains 25 calories per bottle, and the shots contain 15 calories per shot. This is low enough that it won’t make an impact on body weight.

A Brand Name You Recognize

Joint Juice products are sold throughout the United States and are easily found online as well as in many brick-and-mortar stores. The brand is now trusted by many consumers who expect high quality and consistency in their supplements.

While this may give you greater confidence when using a joint supplement, you have to look into the active ingredients to determine the quality of the products. A recognizable brand name doesn’t guarantee the best supplement.

What Are the Active Ingredients?

Glucosamine and chondroitin are the primary ingredients in all Joint Juice supplements. Both of these ingredients are produced naturally in your joints, but production tends to slow down with age. There are many supplements featuring these ingredients because they are believed to relieve the swelling, stiffness and pain common with arthritis.

These supplements are also popular with older people who feel their joints are less flexible and interfere with their ability to move in daily life.

Researchers have completed many studies to determine the effectiveness of these ingredients individually and when administered together.

There are some results proving they are effective and others proving they are ineffective, but the overall conclusion is that they do provide some benefit to joint health. [1]

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, glucosamine sulfate is more effective than glucosamine HCI. Further, chondroitin sulfate alone is possibly more effective than supplementing with these ingredients together. [1]

Joint Juice products use glucosamine HCI. The drops only include glucosamine while the juices and shots also include chondroitin sulfate.

One of the most substantial studies compared the amount of pain relief offered by these ingredients to the pain relief offered by celecoxib and a placebo.

Participants taking celecoxib experienced significant pain relief, but those taking both glucosamine HCI and chondroitin sulfate only showed significant pain reduction if they were experiencing moderate-to-severe pain. [2]

In addition to these main ingredients, Joint Juice products include vitamins A, C and D3. The combination of vitamin D3 and calcium is believed to relieve the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, but research has not backed up those claims. [3]

There is some scientific evidence that vitamin C can lead to pain relief when taken in larger dosages. [4] Studies typically involve up to 500 mg of this vitamin per day. Joint Juice products contain less than 100 mg per serving.

Getting the Most from Joint Juice Supplements

There is some evidence that the ingredients contained in Joint Juice can help relieve the pain and swelling that comes along with getting older or suffering from arthritis.

There is also some evidence that it may not help, so maintain reasonable expectations when using any supplement for improved joint health or joint pain relief.

The best approach is to use a joint supplement in addition to lifestyle changes. Eating healthy foods, keeping your body well-hydrated and exercising on a regular basis help control body weight, inflammation and pain naturally. You should also work with your doctor to control pain if you suffer from moderate or severe arthritis pain.


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