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Instaflex Muscle Support Review

Instaflex recommends using its product Muscle Support to ensure a happy, healthy, active life.

It is purported to increase muscle performance and cartilage repair, and relieve stiff, achy joints and muscles.

Let’s see what other customers are saying and examine the ingredient list to determine if Instaflex Muscle Support is effective.

Has It Worked For Other Customers?

Here are some comments written by customers online:

Thought the Pain and Stiffness was Just a Part of Getting Older

“I hurt all over but thought it was from my arthuritis or just getting older. I added this supplement to the Joint Support and between the two, I don’t have the discomfort and pain. I really didn’t think Muscle Support would help me because I am not physically active (don’t go to the gym or exercise or do a physically demanding job). I am 69 yrs old and work full time. Boy, was I wrong. I use both products. I alternate them. I pray the new company doesn’t change a thing. We need to do what we can to influence P&G to keep the New Chapter products pure and natural.” – Clara Amazon.com

Bah! Humbug!

“I took it faithfully and as directed. There was no change at all, and the joint pain is as intense as ever.” – Rose Avila “Rose Avila” Amazon.com

Product Works Pretty Good

“Take everyday. Helps with muscle recovery during my daily runs.” – darrylmendoza GNC.com

The reviews are mostly positive, with only a handful of negative comments. Based on comments alone, Instaflex Muscle Support seems to make a difference in recovery. Let’s look at the ingredients to get an even better idea of the product.

What’s Inside Instaflex Muscle Support?

Instaflex Muscle Support contains these ingredients:

Vitamin D3 400 IU. Vitamin D traditionally treats high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and pain management, but can also be used to increase muscle performance and recovery. [1]

One journal suggests Vitamin D supplementation correlates strongly, particularly in women, with muscle and bone health. It is necessary for calcium absorption, another ingredient in Muscle Support, which builds strong muscle and bones. [2]

Muscle Support features the recommended 400 IU per serving. [1]

Vitamin E 30 IU. Vitamin E treats heart and blood vessel conditions, diabetes, cancer, and cognitive conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin E also treats restless leg syndrome, night cramps, and other muscle-related issues. Vitamin E is sometimes used to improve physical strength and recovering muscles; however, more research is needed to document the outcome.

Experts suggest a range of 60 IU-1000 IU for a variety of treatments; 400 IU, as contained in Instaflex Muscle Support, is a common dose for treating musculoskeletal damage. [3]

Calcium 300 mg. One journal states the calcium ion is crucial and serves as the main regulatory and signaling molecule of muscle. Contraction of the muscles is dependent on calcium ion signaling and handling. In fact, the calcium ion is also necessary for muscle function, plasticity, and treating disease. [4]

As calcium is a necessary mineral for bones, teeth, heart, and nerves, experts recommend 1000-1300 mg daily. [5]

Magnesium 150 mg. One study found older adult subjects responded to magnesium supplementation. Different muscle performances, such as grip strength, leg power, and knee extension, were elevated using magnesium. [6]

For improving musculoskeletal function, most experts recommend 300-1800 mg magnesium. Muscle Support contains less but likely enough to aid muscle function. [7]

Potassium 99 mg. Potassium supplementation on rabbits and guinea pigs was shown to prevent swelling that inhibits proper muscle contraction.[8]

Furthermore, people deficient in potassium have symptoms of weakness, lack of energy, and muscle cramps. Most healthy adults should consume 4-5 g potassium per day. [9]

L-Glutamine Monohydrate 500 mg. Glutamine treats a variety of conditions, including nerve pain and mouth sores. It is also used to enhance exercise performance. [10]

In one study, abdominal surgery patients who received .3 g l-alanyl-l-glutamine recovered faster. Researchers concluded glutamine positively improved nitrogen balances, which resulted in shortened hospital stays. [11]

In another study, track and field athletes were supplemented with glutamine and creatine and showed increased body mass and improved muscle power. [11]

Consequently, Muscle Support’s 500 mg is likely enough to improve muscle performance and recovery.

What Is the Price & Is It Worth It?

Instaflex sells Muscle Support for $26.99.

Amazon.com sells Muscle Support for the lowest cost of $3.99, but this is an add-on item. Add-on items are only available to purchase with orders of $25 or more; fortunately, free shipping is also included.

For around $25, you can also pick up Muscle Support at local shops, or online, Walgreens, GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe.

Muscle Support contains 30 servings of 3 pills. Some customers reported not using all 3 pills each time because they felt the effects just using 1 or 2.


Instaflex Muscle Support is comprised of natural, simple vitamins, minerals, and an amino acid. Each ingredient has a study, if not several, backing claims to improve muscle recovery or performance. There seem to be many satisfied customers; therefore, I’d give this product a firm approval. It’s worth your money and health to give it a try.


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