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Instaflex Joint Support Review

Instaflex Joint Support

Instaflex Joint Support is an immensely popular joint supplement designed to relieve arthritis and joint pain. Many people suffer from joint pain and arthritis.

According to the website, its eight ingredients are scientifically proven to relieve sore, stiff joints and repair cartilage.

Let’s take a look at these ingredients and what consumers say about Instaflex to find out if it is as effective as claimed.

What’s In Instaflex Joint Support?

Right away Instaflex inspires confidence by including the measurements of the individual ingredients. It is much easier to see if each ingredient is in an effective dosage.

Glucosamine sulfate is most effective for use with osteoarthritis, especially in the knee. It is also effective for spine and hip pain. Studies show it slows the breakdown of joints when taken long-term. [1]

Instaflex contains 1500 mg per serving, which is considered an effective dose. [2]

Methylsulfonlylmethane (msm) treats chronic pain, including joint inflammation and osteoarthritis. Instaflex contains 500 mg, the standard effective dose. [3]

White willow bark extract contains salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin which is effective for treating back pain. There are 240 mg willow extract in Instaflex, an effective amount. [4]

Ginger root concentrate moderately reduces pain and joint stiffness. Instaflex contains 250 mg ginger, which is recommended by experts. [5]

Boswellia serrata extract reduces inflammation and pain in patients with arthritis. A study shows boswellia increases mobility and reduces swelling and pain during use of sore joints. [6]

Instaflex contains 125 mg, which is less than the recommended 300 mg. [7]

Turmeric root extract treats pain by decreasing swelling and inflammation. It helps arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia, and fever. Instaflex contains 50 mg, which is much smaller than the 500 mg dose featured in studies. [8] It is unlikely to significantly reduce pain.

Cayenne contains capsaicin, a pain reliever. There are 50 mg cayenne in Instaflex, which falls within the range of effective dosages (30-120 mg). [9]

Hyaluronic acid is a lubricant for sore joints and tissues. It is administered orally and by injection. Most researchers find 20 mg hyaluronic acid is enough to produce reliable results, but Instaflex only contains 4 mg, so it is likely ineffective. [10][11]

What Consumers Say

Consumers have mixed feelings about Instaflex. Some consumers experience positive results, while others have negative results.

On GNC.com, Instaflex Joint Support earns 4/5 stars. On Amazon.com, it earns 3.1/5 stars. On Drugstore.com, it earns 4.7/5 stars.

Here are a few examples of what customers say:

“I know that not every product works for every individual but this product has helped me immensely. I have osteoarthritis in my back, a bad shoulder, as well as fibromyalgia. I am able to move easier and the pain has been reduced by about half. I’ve tried other products that either didn’t work or the effects didn’t last long. I’ve found that taking 2 capsules in the morning with a glass of water and 1 at night with a glass of water works best for me. I certainly recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for some relief.” –CoffeeGirl, Drugstore.com

“I have a swollen inflamed knee. I’ve taken 2 boxes of Instaflex, 4 pills a day. Instaflex gives me a stomach reaction and had no effect on my knee. I would not recommend this product.” Elena Vitkalova, Amazon.com

How Much Does Instaflex Joint Support Cost?

Instaflex retails for varying prices depending on the retailer. You can buy a bottle of Instaflex from GNC for $70 or from Amazon or Drugstore.com for $50.

At that price, each dose costs between $2.30 and $1.67. One bottle should last about a month.

How Should You Take Instaflex?

The manufacturer recommends taking one dose per day, 3 capsules at a time. Some consumers take 2 capsules in the morning and 1 at night for longer relief.

The manufacturer also recommends light exercise and a sensible diet to reduce pain and stiffness.

The Bottom Line

The ingredients in Instaflex Joint Support are solid. With the exception of the low dose of hyaluronic acid, the ingredients are present in effective doses and positively affect joint pain and stiffness.

On the other hand, consumer reviews show the ingredients do not work for every consumer. Some consumers experience no results at all, and might do better with a different joint relief supplement.

For those who suffer from joint pain, Instaflex Joint Support is worth a try. It is full of natural ingredients without side effects and the ingredients most likely work. If you find a supplier that has a money-back guarantee, there is very little risk in trying this product, and you may find a solution to joint pain.


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