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Inflaflex Review

“Free Yourself From Joint Pain or Your Money Back,” promises Inflaflex.com.

I like this promise for two reasons. First, it shows how much confidence the company has in their product. Second, it lets consumers try Inflaflex risk free.

But even with the guarantee, is Inflaflex worth spending time and money on? After researching Inflaflex, I was convinced it was a safe, effective joint supplement. Take a look at my research and see if you agree.

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What’s in Inflaflex?

Celadrin® – protects joint cells and heals damaged membranes. It also increases joint fluid.[1]

OptiMSM® – a patented MSM product. It reduces joint pain and inflammation, and improves joint functionality.[2]

WOKVEL® 75 mg – a patented Boswellia serrata extract. Research shows it reduces pain and stiffness. Study participants also reported improved joint functioning.[3]

Curcumin C3 Complex® – known for treating inflammation and arthritis. One study found Curcumin reduces swelling and tenderness.[4]

SAMe® – a naturally-occurring chemical, which lessens pain and repairs cartilage. It has been shown to effectively reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.[5]

DHA – promotes brain function and improves learning ability. DHA is used to reduce inflammation and treat rheumatoid arthritis.[6]

Resveratrol 50% – a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants eliminate free radicals and prevent them from damaging cells. Resveratrol may slow the aging process and improve cardiovascular health.

Safety & Side Effects

Every ingredient in Inflaflex is safe and natural. In fact, Inflaflex is one of the safest joint supplements I’ve researched. I’m also impressed with the ingredient quality. Many joint supplements only contain one or two patented ingredients; or none. But Inflaflex has 5.

Some people might experience mild side effects while using Inflaflex. These side effects include stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea. They are not very common, but a few Inflaflex ingredients have the potential to cause mild side effects. I didn’t find any reports of side effects during my research.

Do Users Like Inflaflex?

Currently, Inflaflex does not have many online reviews. On BestJointSupplements.com, 5 people gave Inflaflex 4.8/5 stars. On eSupplements.com, Inflaflex got 4/5 stars from 1 person. Here’s what people had to say:

• “It has only been three days but the swelling in my joints seems to have decreased and I don’t seem to have as mush pain. So far I like this stuff a lot.” — Cynthia Lorels (5/5)
• “I’m not going to say this is some miracle pill put it did help reduce pain from swelling. I have been using it for almost a month now.” — Ray C. (4/5)
• “After just 2 months of taking inflaflex I am able to run without any pain whatsoever.” — Wes Price (4/5)

As more reviews are posted, I recommend you read these.

Is Inflaflex Easy to Use?

Inflaflex should be very easy to use. All you need is one capsule in the morning and another in the afternoon. Wash each capsule down with 8-12 ounces of water.

After you take Inflaflex for a few days, your body should adjust to the ingredients. At this point, you can probably take both capsules at the same time.

Inflaflex has 60 capsules per bottle, so you get a full month supply.

Is Inflaflex Affordable?

After seeing the formula, I honestly expected Inflaflex to be expensive. But it’s more affordable than many top-rated joint supplements. Here are the three best online prices:

• Amazon.com: $24.95
• eSupplements.com: $28.99
• Inflaflex.com: $29.95

If you buy 3 bottles from eSupplements.com or Inflaflex.com, you get a fourth bottle free. The cost on eSupplements.com is $79.99. On Inflaflex.com, you pay $84.95 and shipping is free.

Money Back Guarantee

The company promises you’ll get your money back if you don’t get results:

“In the unlikely event that Inflaflex doesn’t work for you, we’ll happily give you a full refund. There are no BS re-stocking fees. Simply contact our customer service department and send back your used/unused bottle(s) for a full refund.”

The guarantee lasts for 90-days, which is great! Many companies only guarantee products for 30 days and this isn’t always enough time to try it and send it back.

The last thing I want to know about the money back guarantee is: will the company really give you a full refund? I asked customer service this question. They assured me they will refund anyone who meets these requirements:

• Consumer must contact customer service and follow their instructions
• One used and all unused bottles must be returned
• Inflaflex must be returned within 90 days of the original purchase date

Best Ways to Contact Customer Service

The company has three contact methods:

• Phone: 866-478-4260
• Email: Support@inflaflex.com
• Live chat: Available on Inflaflex.com

The address for returns is 1084 Industrial Park Dr. Orem, UT 84057

I prefer using the live chat feature because I type better than I talk. I usually get a customer service rep within 3 minutes and they are helpful and knowledgeable. If the chat room is busy, I get the option to send an email instead. I don’t recommend sending an email through this feature because I’m not sure if it works.

The reason why I think this is because any time I email support@inflaflex.com, I always get a response within one business day. But when I send emails through the live chat feature, I never get a response.

Is Inflaflex One of the Best Joint Supplements?

Inflaflex has 5 patented, clinically proven ingredients. Research shows these ingredients reduce joint pain and inflammation, and improve joint health and functioning. The few customer reviews I found confirm what the research suggests: Inflaflex is an effective joint supplement. The all-natural, high-quality formula should also be very safe.

Inflaflex is affordable and it comes fully guaranteed for 90 days when you buy from Inflaflex.com. I highly recommend giving Inflaflex a try if you want healthier, pain-free joints.

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