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Infametic Review

Eczema treatments are often painful for those with sensitive skin.

Infametic, a now-discontinued eczema cream, was an attempt to remedy that problem. In contrast to many other eczema creams, its makers claimed it was suitable for any type of skin—even the delicate skin of young children and babies.

Because it is no longer available, there is little solid, objective information about Infametic online. It’s also difficult to find anything about Avaceuticals LLC, the company that manufactured it.

Naturally, this made me suspicious at first. But user reviews painted a mostly positive picture. “Other lotions left my baby feeling greasy. Infametic did not!” wrote one satisfied customer. “This is such a wonderful cream,” claimed another. “I will never go back to the other stuff that I was using.”

A more in-depth analysis at the review site Eczema.net likewise had only positive things to say about Infametic, praising the product for its natural ingredients, affordable pricing and suitability for all skin types. Likewise, CausesofEczema.net included Infametic in its list of the top five eczema treatments.

At $49.95 per bottle, Infametic was considered affordable by reviewers. Every bottle lasted about 2 months.

It’s not clear, given the positive reception it seems to have gotten, why it was discontinued.

Key Ingredients

Although you can no longer get Infametic, I’d still like to give a brief overview of the ingredients it contained to see how it worked to fight eczema. You can then compare them to those of other eczema treatments still available. This may be useful for you, especially if you are interested in an all-natural option.

Unfortunately, Infametic made use of a proprietary blend, meaning that the manufacturers did not have to disclose the exact amount of each ingredient that went into the cream.

It’s always better if you know not just what’s in a product, but also how much. Some ingredients that are safe in small doses may carry risks if they’re present in too high a concentration. On the other hand, there’s no record of any such problems with Infametic.


Menthol is a common ingredient in skin creams. Although it’s a traditional treatment for a variety of skin conditions, research on its effectiveness as an eczema treatment is hard to come by.

It can help to cool the skin and limit irritation, but not treat the causes of eczema. It may also cause pain if applied to broken skin. [1]

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

MSM is another widely used product with little conclusive scientific research supporting its use. However, treatments that contain this ingredient can be helpful in combating eczema for people who suffer from an MSM deficiency. [2]

Glycerin helps to moisturize the skin and is commonly found in eczema creams. It’s considered better than some alternatives because it’s less likely to cause bad reactions from the skin. [3]


A cooling agent like menthol, Camphor helps to relieve the symptoms of eczema, but does nothing to address the underlying issues. Also like menthol, it may cause pain if placed on broken skin. [4]

Hyaluronic Acid

Scientific evidence indicates this substance is effective at eliminating the symptoms of eczema, and it does so at a faster rate than some alternatives, at least in less severe cases. [5]

Licorice Root Extract

Licorice extracts are common herbal treatments for a variety of skin condition. Products that include licorice extracts have been shown by researchers to effectively fight eczema. [6]


This silicon-based substance reduces the skin’s loss of moisture. It is an oil-free alternative to the petroleum jelly found in some skin treatments—somewhat less effective, but also less likely to cause skin irritation. [7]


There are no reports of any safety concerns caused by Infametic. It rated a 99/100 in the safety category at CausesofEczema.net. One of the main selling points was its gentleness to the skin relative to its competitors. Judging by the reviews, it held up to that claim.

The Verdict

It’s unfortunate that Infametic is longer available. Although some of its all-natural ingredients were more beneficial than others, it seems to have been a much-needed eczema relief product that even those with sensitive skin could use safely.

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