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Flexoprin Review

Flexoprin “supports healthy joints and cartilage,” says its manufacturer Rapid Cell Therapy. This means it’s not just for people with arthritis. Anyone who deals with joint pain or wants healthier joints could appreciate what Flexoprin offers.

But before I recommend it, I want to know if Flexoprin is one of the best joint supplements. Let’s explore the formula and find out.

Flexoprin Ingredients

Flexoprin contains all-natural ingredients in a proprietary blend:

Chamomile flower. There are several nutrients and antioxidants in chamomile. These supposedly alleviate joint pain by eliminating free radicals. Chamomile tea may have some mood-lifting and sedative abilities as well. However, I was unable to find studies supporting chamomile’s effectiveness.

Angelica root. WebMD.com says Angelica root may lessen joint pain if the ingredient is applied to skin.[1] But I didn’t find any supporting research. Even if there is a study, it would not apply to Flexoprin because it’s an oral supplement; not topical.

Astragalus root. The University of Maryland Medical Center describes many astragalus benefits, but none relate to joint health.[2] This root is typically used to support the immune system and lower blood pressure.

Echinacea root. Echinacea is believed to activate chemicals which reduce inflammation. This may reduce joint pain and improve joint health. But I find it interesting that a potential echinacea side effect is joint pain.[3]

Lemon fruit. Research shows oxidative stress increases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.[4] Lemons are high in vitamin C, which combats oxidative stress. So, people believe lemon fruit improves joint health, but this has not been proven.

MSM. When study participants took 6 grams of MSM daily, they reported less joint pain and better joint functioning. Researchers say MSM works by reducing pain and inflammation.[5]

How Effective Is This Formula?

I don’t think Flexoprin will reduce joint pain and improve joint health significantly. Here are three reasons why:

First, Flexoprin only has one clinically proven joint ingredient. The other ingredients are fruit and plant extracts, which may reduce inflammation. However, I could not find any research to show they prevent or treat joint problems. Having only 1 proven ingredient weakens Flexoprin’s effectiveness.

Second, the MSM study shows you need 6 grams (6,000 mg) daily to improve joint health. Flexoprin’s ingredients are in a 600-mg proprietary blend (1 capsule). There is no way you’ll get the proven MSM dosage by taking 3, 4, or even 5 Flexoprin capsules each day.

Third, since Flexoprin’s other ingredients are not proven to improve joint health, I don’t know what dosages are required. When an ingredient is tested, researchers find a safe, effective amount. This is the clinically proven dosage Flexoprin should contain for each ingredient.

The proprietary blend hides the individual dosages, so I can’t see what Flexoprin contains. But even if I could see, I still wouldn’t know if Flexoprin contains proven dosages because the ingredients haven’t been proven.

Is Flexoprin Safe?

Flexoprin contains natural ingredients, but even natural ingredients may be unsafe or cause side effects. Does Flexoprin have safe ingredients?

Chamomile is known to cause drowsiness. In large dosages, it may cause vomiting.

WebMD.com says, “Angelica seems to be safe when used in food amounts.” But the site doesn’t specify what “food amounts” are. There isn’t enough research to show whether Angelica is safe in medicinal amounts or not. Again, WebMD.com does not disclose what “medicinal amounts” are.[1]

Astragalus is safe for most people. Researchers don’t know if it causes side effects.

Research shows Echinacea is safe to take “short-term,” but the long-term effects are unknown. Echinacea may cause fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and joint pain.[3]

Most people can take lemon safely and it doesn’t usually cause side effects.

It is safe to take 6 grams of MSM daily for 12 weeks.[5] But MSM may cause nausea, bloating, fatigue, and headache.

It appears these ingredients are safe when used in the recommended amounts. Since Rapid Cell Therapy has chosen to hide their dosages, I don’t know if Flexoprin contains safe amounts.

How to Use Flexoprin

RapidCellTherapy.com recommends taking 2 Flexoprin capsules after you eat dinner. If you still have joint pain in the morning, take 1-2 capsules. Then, take 2 capsules again after dinner.

Flexoprin contains 45 capsules. If you take 2-4 a day as recommended, the bottle lasts 11-22 days.

Children should not take Flexoprin. Women who are pregnant or nursing may not be able to use it either. Talk to your doctor to see if you can take Flexoprin safely.

How Much Does Flexoprin Cost?

Flexoprin costs $19.57 when you buy it from RapidCellTherapy.com. You don’t get a discounted price for buying in bulk.

This joint supplement is also sold on Amazon.com, but the packaging is different. Instead of an orange bottle, Flexoprin comes in a rectangular green box. It’s the same product, made by the same company, with the same ingredients. But the orange bottle is the “new look.” The green Flexoprin boxes hold 30 capsules. The Amazon.com price is $24.99.

I recommend buying from Amazon.com because I don’t know how secure the official website is. I didn’t see any Norton, McAfee, Comodo or other security badges. There are no paragraphs or pages assuring consumers their financial information will be protected. Even during checkout, I didn’t see any mention of security.

The site is “powered by osCommerce.com.” But this company appears to create online stores; not protect them.

Flexoprin Pros

• 1 clinically proven joint ingredient
• An affordable price
• Flexoprin contains safe, natural ingredients

Flexoprin Cons

• 5 unproven joint ingredients
• Dosages are not shown
• Flexoprin does not contain 6 g of MSM
• No online customer reviews
• Official website may not be secure

Should You Buy Flexoprin?

I don’t recommend buying Flexoprin because I don’t think the formula is strong enough to back up the claims. Flexoprin is supposed to support healthy joints and cartilage, but only one ingredient is proven to do this. Unfortunately, Flexoprin does not contain the proven MSM dosage, so this ingredient may be ineffective.

Flexoprin is affordable, but I don’t think it’s one of the best joint supplements. I recommend saving your money for a supplement with proven ingredients and dosages.


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Flexoprin User Reviews

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    Not that I’m aware of. But joint pain can be a sign of high uric acid/gout, which is common in those with insilun resistance/Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.The above disorders are strongly linked to obesity and poor diet (high animal and trans fats, high carb, etc.).There are other possible causes for your joint pain that may not be related to obesity/gout at all.But changing your diet to one suited for gout patients is a good start. You can look online or consult a dietitian.Please follow up with your doctor to determine the root cause of your pain and confirm proper treatment.

    January 9, 2013 at 9:48 pm

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