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Celadrin Review

Celadrin is a cetylated fatty acid (CFA) joint supplement. It’s marketed as a “cellular lubricant that reduces inflammation, joint discomfort, and promotes joint flexibility.”

So, what are cetylated fatty acids? How do they relieve joint pain, and are they safe and effective? I looked into Celadrin’s formula, to assess whether its “cellular lubrication” can really relieve joint pain. Here is what my research revealed.


The main ingredient in Celadrin is a CFA blend, which is theorized to reinforce cell membranes and relieve joint pain by reducing inflammation.

Beyond CFA, Celadrin contains soybean oil and olive oil which may also contribute to cellular lubrication. In addition, there are a few preservatives and fillers.

Cetylated Fatty Acids (CFA)
The exact CFA blend included in Celadrin is not published. However, most CFA blends contain cetylated oleate, laurate, palmitate, myristoleate, palmitoleate and myristate. Now, those may seem like a different language, but they are essentially cellular membranes elements. [1]

Inflammation—a cause of arthritis and joint pain in general—is an immune system reaction often triggered by damaged or broken cell membranes. [2]

In theory, CFA strengthens cell membranes allowing cells to stay healthy and hydrated (lubricated). This results in less cell damage and reduced joint inflammation. [2]

However, further research needs to be conducted to determine the exact mechanism of CFA’s effect on cell membranes.

Celadrin Clinical Tests

Oral Celadrin consumption was examined in the Journal of Rheumatology. The published trial tested CFA efficacy on improvement in range of arthritic knee motion as compared to a placebo.

Test subjects were instructed to consume 6 capsules/day for 68 days. Knee motion range was examined and subjects who took CFA showed significant improvement over subjects who took the placebo. [3]

CFA can be taken orally or applied as a topical cream, and Celadrin offers both forms. A study published in the Journal of Rheumatology, showed an improvement in range of motion and decreased pain and inflammation with topically applied CFA. [4]

Customer Reviews

Celadrin is reviewed very positively. On Amazon.com 31 out of 43 users gave Celadrin five out of five stars.
The main complaint among reviewers is Celadrin does not work very quickly. Although most users agreed if you are patient, it is an effective joint supplement.

Cost and Guarantee

Celadrin is sold in 150 ct. capsule bottles and users are directed to take 2 capsules/day. It is sold by the following retailers:
• Celadrin.com: $39.95+free shipping (temporarily sold out)
• Amazon.com: $28.99 + free shipping

Celadrin.com and Amazon.com allow returns of unopened items within 30 days of delivery.

I was surprised to see the official site was sold out. When the manufacturer is sold out of a product, it could mean the product is very popular. It could also mean the manufacturer has discontinued production.

Final Thoughts

Although initially, I was worried about the claims Celadrin made about its effectiveness, it seems to be a very popular and effective joint supplement.

The CFAs in Celadrin are backed by scientific studies and are proven safe and effective to treat joint pain and arthritis.
The price is very reasonable considering each bottle should last users over two months. Overall, I am confident recommending this product for those who suffer from joint pain.


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